Garden Trellis Top and Back Completed

I added two borders to the garden trellis top using different widths than I had planned. The brick red border was cut at two and a half inches and the black at four and a half inches. The finished top is 65 by 55 inches.

Corner View of Garden Trellis Quilt showing Borders

Borders on the Garden Trellis Top

Piecing the back gave me a small challenge in that I chose a black and tan fabric with a large print and a wide repeat. I didn’t want to piece that back in a way that would make the join look haphazard. There were two choices. I could either add a black strip to create a visual interruption between the two pieces of fabric and not bother matching the print or I could make the effort to piece the back in a way that was ‘invisible.’

Pinning the Backing Fabric

Pinning the Backing Fabric

I went with the latter. To do this I chose an area of the print that didn’t have a big circular element and I pressed a crease to create a sewing and matching line. Next, I lined up the crease line with the pattern and pinned on both sides to minimise the movement under the presser foot. The photo shows the pinning in progress.

It worked reasonably well and I’m willing to live with a seam line down the middle of the backing. A more conservative approach would have been to piece the backing with the width of fabric down the middle and with two seams at the sides, but I wasn’t willing to do that amount of pattern matching.

Backing with Lines to Show the Join

Spot the Invisible Join (Hint: It's between the Tram Tracks)

There will be enough of the backing fabric left over for binding, but I plan to review the binding fabric choice when the quilt comes back from the long arm quilter. A brown binding might work, so I’ll audition the binding possibilities when the time comes.


2 responses to “Garden Trellis Top and Back Completed

  1. WOW! Great job on piecing the back together.

  2. I’m so grateful I learned basic sewing skills early in my life. When I was in my 20’s I made almost all of my own clothes – even a bathing suit once – gasp! It helps to be able to draw on those skills now. One day I’d like to learn pattern drafting/modifiation and get back to dressmaking.

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