Scrappy Log Cabin Top Completed

scrappy log cabin top in shades of blue and beige

Ready for Quilting

The top is ready to go off to the long arm quilter.

I added one more set of logs since laying out the blocks as the top was just too small to be of any value to anyone I know. It turned out to be a bit of a slog adding that extra row, but with a few early mornings and a bit of sewing in the evenings before bed, I finally made it. I chose a simple navy blue border, hoping it would help the quilt look framed and finished.

I decided to stick with Fields and Furrows because I enjoy the optical illusion but I do see why Michelle at Sleepy Cat Hollow says she likes the Barn Raising pattern best of all. If you check out the collections at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum you’ll see that Barn Raising has been a popular choice over time. Searching their collection provides hours of entertainment and inspiration. The advanced search is awesome, as it offers search terms like primary technique or dominant pattern. It’s just heavenly for those of us who are search nerds.

The backing is a pieced square in a square and you can see some of the backing peeking out from under the top in the photo.


5 responses to “Scrappy Log Cabin Top Completed

  1. Very very impressive

  2. Absolutely love the colors. The top turned out very pretty…even if you picked a different pattern. :P

    • Thanks – I dropped it off to be quilted this morning and the long arm quilter said she liked it – the first time she’s said that about one of my quilts. I must be improving.

      The next log cabin will be Barn Rasing I promise.

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