Garden Trellis Blocks Assembled

I squared up the garden trellis blocks to 11 1/2 inches, a step the Jelly Roll Quilts book doesn’t mention but which seemed essential as many of the blocks weren’t at all true.

Assembled Garden Trellis Bocks

Assembled Garden Trellis Blocks in Hoffman Bali Pops Cappucino

I am planning a narrow (1 inch or so) inner border in a bricky red/orange and then a wider black border around that. These are the fabrics I’ve selected.

Brick and Black Fabrics for the Border

Border Colours

The log cabin blacks have also been sewn together. But that’s a post for another day.


3 responses to “Garden Trellis Blocks Assembled

    • But not too pretty I hope. I have one male friend who has just purchased a new condo and another who turns 40 next year. This quilt might become a house warming gift or a birthday gift. Pam the long arm quilter has a bit of a backlog and some travel plans later this year so the birthday gift might be the better bet.

  1. Sorry…but guys like pretty things too. They just don’t admit it! :)

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