Cutting the Garden Trellis Blocks

Garden Trellis Quilt Block LayoutThose of you who are regular visitors will recall that I am working on a Garden Trellis Jelly Roll Quilt originally planned as a friend’s 40th birthday present. Progress stalled when I remembered that an Omnigrid 96L and an Omnigrid 98L have their lines running in different directions. I’d come up with a workaround using masking tape but then my Omnigrid 98L finally arrived, three months after I ordered it from eBay vendor Getta Notion. I can only assume the US postal service must have been using the polar route for their deliveries over the holiday season. I got back in touch with Getta Notion and paid the money they had refunded and now I’m back in business.

Jelly Roll Strips sewn together and Ready to CutToday I cut the jelly roll strips into squares.

These are the instructions I followed for using the Omnigrid 98L to cut blocks out of a jelly roll tube. You line the 31/2 inch line on the Omnigrid 98L up against the middle seam line. After I’d made the first cut, I also used the 90° line on my cutting mat as a reference to make sure each block was cut true.

Jelly roll Strips cut into Triangles, ready to Open

Using a Seam Ripper to remove the Seam

Then I gently unpicked the seam at the apex of the triangle and opened it up to form a square. I pressed towards the dark fabric. I like the idea of quilters going to the dark side…


9 responses to “Cutting the Garden Trellis Blocks

  1. Love that fabric! Are those ginkos on the darker one?

    Thanks for the links on your post…took me to your husbands blog…sighing deeply over his wood shop. Does he need a helper? :)

    • Yeah, that fabric turned out OK. It’s always a bit of a gamble when you buy online from another country but I have little choice. A pack of Warm & Natural queen size batting is…wait for it…$80 at my local craft megamart (ie not a LQS with inflated prices.)

      As for helping out in the wood shop, I know he’d love someone to work on all that finicky finishing, so you might want to drop him a note ;-) From my own point of view, all I want is a rocker, so I can sit and rock and supervise the works in progress. I’d hand quilt at the same time, except I’d be bound to get epoxy on my quilt.

  2. I love working with wood…nothing like what your husband does, but given a chance! Oh Boy! Am a good sander. :) LOVE the spoons that he’s made.

    • I’ll be sure to pass that on. He’ll be so pleased to hear it. I love the spoons, too, but the his and hers canoes are what I’m excited about. Mine will be called Marisol.

  3. Nothing better than the ocean and sun! :)

  4. Time to shake a leg and post some update pictures! :)

    • No updates from me on the garden trellis quite yet :-) I’ve been squaring up the blocks to 11 1/2 inches (something the book doesn’t mention but which seems essential due to a combination of wonky jelly roll strips and wonky sewing) and in the meantime have put the top together for the log cabin quilt. I stayed with Fields and Furrows but would do Barn Raising next time. I plan to add a narrow border over Easter and will post pix then.

      Got stuck down by a weird virus that kept me confined to bed for a day, too, which stalled all my activities for a bit. I seem to be better again now, thank goodness.

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