Masking Tape, an invaluable Quilter’s Tool

The Omnigrid 98L that I ordered to complete my garden trellis jelly roll quilt has gone astray. It didn’t make it from Iowa across the Pacific Ocean to Australia and the kind folk at eBay vendor Getta Notion refunded my money in full. That’s not really what I wanted as I wanted the ruler, but I can’t complain about their customer service.

Yesterday I happened to notice a tip in the Jelly Roll Quilts book that I had overlooked up to that point. It said that if you couldn’t get your hands on an Omnigrid 98L you could put tape across the 6 12 inch line on of a rotary cutting square. I took a look at that and the measurement didn’t seem right to me so what I’ve done is put tape end to end at the 2 inch mark and the 5 inch mark on the on the Omnigrid 96L. The middle line goes across the seam in the middle of the tube and the long line is a reference for bottom seam on the jelly roll tube. My beloved helped me with the markings last night. It helps if you have a partner who wrote his masters thesis on the measurement of straightness. If you enlarge the photo you’ll see he has even numbered for me in purple marker pen the order in which I am supposed to align the markings.

Omnigrid 96L overlaid with Making Tape

I’m a lucky woman. Doesn’t mean I can manage to hold the camera straight, though.

This approach allows me to recite the “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle” mantra. I’m all for that, as most of us in the western world seem to have way too much, er, … stuff, myself included. So I’m going to reduce my spending and re-use the Omnigrid ruler I already own, all with the help of a little masking tape. My beloved has his own mantra which goes like this: “It’s not done if it’s not documented.” No surprises that he’s a blogger, too.

Simplified Dolly Madison Star Hand Quilting Lines using Masking Tape

Quilting Line marked with Masking Tape

While on the theme of masking tape another use in quilting is to mark out quilting lines. It works brilliantly as it’s quite flexible and I’ve had no issues with sticky residue so far. There are many imperfections in both my hand and machine quilting. I shall be calling upon the magic of water and air (ie the washing machine and drying rack) to make these imperfections less visible.


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