Progress Report: Garden Trellis Jelly Roll Quilt

Actually a no progress report.

I worked hard around the Christmas break to sew all my jelly roll strips together in the hope of finishing the Garden Trellis Jelly Roll Quilt for my friend’s 40th birthday party on January 2. The party was lovely and we had a great time visiting with our friend, her family (including several family members who flew in from the UK) and her wide and delightful circle of friends.

Two kanagroos in the wild

Kangaroos from the Roadside

We even got to see some kangaroos grazing on a nearby paddock. The picture quality is pretty ordinary as it was dusk, but trust me, those brown blobs are kangaroos. We spotted them from the car and as we were driving down a country road were able to pull over and take a couple of snaps.

Our friend didn’t miss out gift-wise as she received a set of my beloved’s hand-carved wooden spoons, but the garden trellis quilt was a long, long way from ready for gifting.

As I posted on 18 December, I learned that I needed an Omnigrid 98 ruler to cut the strips into triangles. I had previously thought the Omnigrid 96 would do the job.

They’re both quarter square triangle rulers, right? Well yes, but…

It’s all about the direction of the lines. I needed the Omnigrid 98 as that ruler has the lines marked parallel to the longest edge. For accurate cutting the 3 1/2 inch line must be aligned with the centre seam. You can’t do that with the Omnigrid 96, Spotlight didn’t have what I needed (nothing unusual there), making my own ruler out of template plastic didn’t give me the accuracy I was looking for and my order from Getta Notion still hasn’t arrived, even though they mailed it a month ago. I’m putting it down to snowy conditions in the US or slow delivery due to the Christmas backlog and keeping my fingers crossed that it will arrive this week.

Garden Trellis in Progress

Garden Trellis Tubes, Backing and Border Candidate

In the meantime I managed to find a backing fabric that I think will work. I also have a length of fabric that I hope will do the job for borders. I love the fabric but I do need to confirm it will work with the Bali Pops Cappuccino that I’m using for the blocks, once I’ve got them done. The binding will be solid black.


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