Tumbling Spools Quilt Top Completed

I did it. I just added the last border to my tumbling spools quilt top. This one has been close to a year in the making. I purchased the magazine that had the pattern some time at the start of 2010 and posted about it in February.

Tumbling Spools Scrap Quilt Top

Tumbling Spools Scrap Quilt Top

It measures roughly 73 by 62 inches, which makes it my biggest top so far. It will be going off to the long arm quilter as soon as she’s back on deck after the holidays. She likes to take a break over the hottest months of summer. Fair enough too.

I’m proud of the workmanship in this top. It lies flat and I can see in it how I have learned new skills and improved my consistency since I started piecing it about ten months ago. No two blocks are identical. I had to re-make one block to accomplish that.

This is the most forgiving pattern ever. There are lots of points that are a bit cut off here and there or that don’t quite reach the corners they should, but you can’t tell. Love that.


3 responses to “Tumbling Spools Quilt Top Completed

  1. Very nice quilt. It looks like there was a lot of piecing – and so many points that had to match up. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Believe me, lots of points don’t match up, but you really can’t see it because there’s so much going on in this quilt. The sashing hides all the imperfections :-)

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