How to Mitre corners at non-standard Angles

Just lately I’ve been thinking and not sewing. The reason for thinking and not sewing is that I had no idea how to bind a quilt with ‘funny’ corners. I’m referring to my braided table topper which has two 90 degree angles and four angles that are greater than that.

It worked!

In the hope of finding a solution I sent a private message to one of the more experienced quilters on the Quilting Board whose work I admire. I asked her advice on how to bind my table topper. She replied with a link to this brilliant video Mitered Binding for Different Angles which answered all my questions.

I’m pleased to be making some progress towards finishing some of my projects so I can clear the decks before the holiday season. All that’s left now is to catch the binding to the reverse of the table topper, by hand.


3 responses to “How to Mitre corners at non-standard Angles

  1. Thanks so much. I saw a video about that once but can’t remember how she did it. I’ll mark this one down because more than likely I’ll have to refer to it every so often.

  2. Glad you found this a helpful. I must confess that I use this blog as a way of keeping track of those really good online resources.

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