Setting a Quilt on Point has a handy page about setting a quilt on point which includes a table on what size to cut the triangles. It was very useful for the modified Dolly Madison Star quilt which I started not too long ago.

Dolly Madison Star 9 inch blocks laid out on point

Modified Dolly Madison Star 9 inch blocks laid out

I am now sewing all the blocks together after laying the components out on my quilt floor (I don’t have a quilt wall.)

The end is in sight, apart from the quilt sandwich, the quilting and the binding of course. OK, so maybe the half-way mark is in sight.

This quilt will be quilted in a combination of stitch in the ditch and hand quilting as I need to save the long arm jobs for my biggest quilts. After my last visit to the long arm quilter I decided I needed to take responsibility for my own quilting. This delightful hobby gets too expensive otherwise. Pam, the professional longarm quilter does a wonderful job and I will continue to use her services, just not for everything.

I am in the market for a 12 inch quilting hoop so I can hand quilt using it. I went to Spotlight yesterday but didn’t buy as the quality was horrible (wood splitting and rough, already) and the smallest hoop they had was a 14 inch diameter where I’ve decided a 12 inch diameter is where I want to start. I’ll most likely add a hoop to my next online order.

For anyone attempting to set a quilt on point, with some order assigned to where all the blocks go, I recommend to check and check again that you’ve remained true to your intended layout. Its amazing the mismatches that can occur between the quilting floor and the sewing machine.


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