New Book: Amish Abstractions

Cover of the book Amish Abstractions

Amish Abstractions

This book was a impulse purchase, but a modest one at less then $30. I’d recommend buying it for the pleasure of looking at the quilts in the collection and drawing inspiration from them.

Amish Abstractions: Quilts from the Collection of Faith and Stephen Brown arrived last night and surprisingly my beloved was the one who was busting to open it up and take a look, though he did give me the honour of ripping into the shrink wrap (very carefully.)

This book is a beauty. It’s published by Pomegranate, the quality of the printing is great and the photos of the quilts are truly wonderful. It was published as an exhibition catalogue so there aren’t any patterns but it’s still a lovely book to own.

I must, must, must put some time aside for a quilt or two made in unprinted fabric. In general I find them more visually arresting than those made with printed fabrics.

I borrowed a book from the library recently that had Amish inspired quilt designs and that book had a pattern for a bear paw block quilt set on point that was dynamic and beautiful and yet at the same time plain. It’s on my ever-growing quilt project list but is a long way down that list at this stage.


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