Christmas Cactus Quilt Along

Sandi at Piecemeal Quilts has posted instructions for her Christmas Cactus Quilt Along.

It’s a stunning quilt and her cat is pretty cute too, as you’ll see if you browse through some of her old posts.

I’m very tempted but the quilt has 332 background squares alone – that’s a lot of squares. I’m torn. Will I have time before Christmas? Are the fabrics in my stash sufficient?

I still have the sashing to do for the tumbling spools scrap quilt, there are about 5 pot holders that need to be finished before Christmas, the table runner hasn’t been quilted or bound, the star sashing the cot quilt has almost become a distant memory and the Modified Dolly Madison Star quilt on point is progressing wonderfully but is intended to be my first machine and hand quilted project.

Work is busy, I can’t miss the Melbourne Philharmonic Choir’s performance of Handel’s Messiah and there’s a camping trip planned between now and the start of the holiday festivities. But Sandi’s design is just so beautiful.

I’ll think on it.

Update March 2011: Sandi’s design is too beautiful NOT to make. I diligently saved all her instructions (hope that’s OK Sandi) and the Christmas Cactus quilt top will be completed for Christmas 2011 or even Christmas 2012. All the fabrics for this wonderful quilt have been set aside from my stash but there are several other projects to complete before I can even think about starting this one. When I do start I will, of course, post pictures and updates on this blog.


4 responses to “Christmas Cactus Quilt Along

  1. If it helps, you don’t have to cut them all at once. I’m including the number of squares and HSTs needed for each set of four blocks when I post those instructions. I hope you decide to join in!

  2. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for your comment Sandi. I slept on it and a thought came to me over night. This morning I ‘auditioned’ a white/pink small print for the background fabric. I need to check if I have enough of it. If I do, it could look good.

  3. The Christmas presents can wait, you can buy more fabric, you can listen to the music on CD … and you can work from home.
    Hope that helps

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