Moda Lanterns Fabric – Scrappy Stars Perhaps?

I’ve been thinking hard about what to do with my Moda lanterns fabric, which was a bargain I just couldn’t help but add to my recent order from Hancock’s of Paducah.

Three plain and once patterned quilt fabric

Moda Chez Moi Lanterns Fabric and Plains to go with it

I bought some plain fabrics at the Remnant Warehouse on my trip to Sydney and am very glad that the sales assistant talked me into a more muted shade of green. Yes, more muted than the one in the picture.

I got the shade a little wrong as I was only matching to a small sample of the lanterns fabric and the plains I selected are a little too bright, especially the green. It was a grey day in Sydney and I the lighting in the shop probably didn’t help either. I’m a bit concerned about the up-down linear nature of the Moda fabric. That will look weird if I make Ohio Stars, for example, and have the Moda fabric going every which way.

The Scrappy Floating Stars pattern might just let me do what I want to and preserve the lanterns fabric more or less intact. I’ve had this pattern in the back of my mind to make for a while. Now I think I finally have the right fabric to do it.


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