Sydney Trip Report – The Remnant Warehouse

This week my work took me to Sydney for an afternoon workshop that was so important that I needed to be there in person, a very unusual occurrence in these cash-strapped times. It was a fun and productive trip, even if it required me to be out of bed just after 5am and on my way to the airport by 6:15am.

Negotiating an unfamiliar public transport network almost felt like being on holiday in Europe again.

I had a little over 2 hours of ‘extra’ time in Sydney before my first meeting so got directions from the transport desk at Sydney airport on how to get to The Remnant Warehouse. I already knew that I could get there by train to Green Square Station and that I would have to walk along Botany Rd. I wasn’t sure how much of a walk it would be, but I was sure it was doable when the lady at the transport desk said, “It’s a bit if a hike to the factory shops, but it’s worth it.”

Bolts of Sale Fabric outside The Remnant Warehouse

The Remnant Warehouse in all its Pink Glory

In fact, I didn’t find any other factory shops and the 15 minute walk from the station was past abandoned warehouses, a rent-a-wreck outlet and a few import businesses – a less than glamorous part of town. Then I got to the flamingo pink shop with bolts of fabric out the front, and I knew I had arrived.

The Remnant Warehouse has two shop fronts, one with dance and swimsuit material, plus denim, the other with quilting fabric and notions. The quilting selection was excellent and they had a really good range of wide backing fabrics. But the Moda and similar branded quilting fabrics were $24.95 a metre. My goodness!! At those prices I have no choice but to stick with buying online.

I did manage to find some plain cottons in a similar weight to the Moda Chez Moi lanterns fabric that I just bought online from Hancocks so made a small investment in those. Not a bad souvenir and great to mix a business trip with with a little stash-building pleasure.


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