Braided Table Topper

I have been confined to quarters, as it were, for the weekend, suffering a heavy cold. I was unable to accompany my beloved to Sydney for what was supposed to have been a fun weekend getaway. Flying with blocked ears is a pretty silly idea (I know from experience), so I sent him away by himself, with instructions not to talk to any strange women.

Being confined to the house (except for a quick trip to pick up some essential supplies, more of which later) I spent way too much time reading the Quilting Board.

Green-toned braided Table Topper with a Central 9 inch Star

Braided Table Topper for Christmas

There was a thread on the board that directed me to a free pattern for a braided table topper. I am a fascinated by braided designs and I decided to give it ago, as a practice piece for the friendship braid quilt and so I could have it ready as a holiday gift. I had planned to use a Christmas print left over from last years sales, but I decided the red in that fabric was just too harsh to use on this project.

Braided Table Topper under Construction

Braided Table Topper under Construction

I decided a star would be the ideal thing for the 9 inch centre block and picked the Dolly Madison block from the ever faithful site. Of course I messed with that pattern just a bit. The nine patch blocks are gold on ivory and a partridge in a pear tree print. Well, that’s how I interpret it anyway.

I must also mention my quick trip to the shops. I needed chicken stock from the supermarket, which happens to be located in the same complex as the Spotlight fabric and party supplies store. I decided to whizz through Spotlight to check if they had any bargains. They did!

The remnant box had a package containing about a metre of aqua toned 100% cotton quilting fabric and roughly two metres of a black and ivory print, priced at $2 for both. I had seen the blue fabric on the bolt in the quilting section but didn’t like it enough to buy it there. But I liked it more than enough at $2. I’m sure we learned about that price value equation in Economics 101, though I seem to recall that Economics 101 had a notion of a rational man.

The check out story at Spotlight was ludicrous (nothing unusual there) with two checkouts in operation but both involving lengthy refund processes that meant neither line was moving. In line in front of me was a tall, reasonably good-looking six-foot-something twenty-something man holding spangly false eye-lashes, fishnet stockings and a fake moustache (bad fashion call on that last item.)

In my 20’s I would have been far too shy to talk to a 20-something alpha-male type. Now, in my 40’s I teased him until he blushed. Middle age has its compensations.


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