Spiral Block

Margaret McDonald got us off to a good start in her perfecting circles class last weekend but I didn’t actually finish anything in the class. This weekend I got a chance to catch up on my homework.

Spiral Block

Scrappy 12 inch Spiral Block

I have finally completed my first ever spiral block. The template was part of Margaret’s Moonbeams pattern and I made the 12 inch block, rather than the seven inch block as the seven inch block needed to be hand pieced. I hand sew as a method of last resort.

This block was difficult and the hardest part was hand sewing the centre of the spirals together. I’m ashamed to say my hand stitches are visible in the centre of this block, so I’m planning to add a hub cap, a little circle, to hide my shame.

Here it is blocked on my home-made portable pressing mat, which I must say is perfect for this job.

I think I’ll hold off on any more circle work for a while, not just because it’s difficult (it is) but because I just don’t have the right tools. It’s a lot easier with a set of circle templates. I used a home made template my beloved cut me out of very light board and it’s great, but it has a 12 and a half inch diameter outer ring and a 10 and a half inch diameter inner ring. That’s fantastic, until I need to trace an 8 inch diameter circle.

I’m thinking of building borders onto the spiral block until it becomes a 40 inch square baby quilt. I’ve sketched something out on paper and am thinking plain borders then scrappy friendship stars and then more borders again.

If any of you want to try this spiral yourselves, the Moonbeams pattern is available from Threadbare Patchwork and Quilting. I rang Margaret and asked her because I noticed from my blog stats that people had been searching for it. The pattern isn’t on the Threadbare site but Margaret told me that they do have it and they do ship outside Australia.


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