Jelly Roll Quilt Along Block 8: Card Trick and Block 11, too

I am still trying to catch up on the Moose Quilts Jelly Roll Quilt Along. Block 8 is one of the ones I decided to replace. I had been intrigued by the Card Trick block for quite a while, as it looked complex and difficult to make. After a particularly frustrating day at work I felt that making this block would either give me a sense of accomplishment or just add to my sense of frustration.

I used the cutting instructions in 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks book but they are also available at’s Directions for the Card Trick Quilt Block. I prefer to work from pictures rather than the step by step written instructions, so for me the book was enough.

Two green toned quilt blocks for the jelly roll quilt along

Block 11 on the left and card trick on the right (my block 8)

And the conclusion? I found the card trick block difficult to make. It was no problem working out how to organise the components but getting my points aligned and the block to the exact right size was challenging. I have to confess I cheated by resewing part seams to improve the ‘pointiness’ of my points. Oh well. It’s a good thing the reverse of my blocks will be nicely sandwiched and quilted, never to be seen again.

I also did Konda’s Block 11 which was a lot of fun to make. I’d been wanting to do a woven look for a while and even posted a message on the quilting board asking for instructions. I didn’t get any replies on the board so was happy when Konda posted the instructions for her block.


One response to “Jelly Roll Quilt Along Block 8: Card Trick and Block 11, too

  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog. :)

    I’m enjoying doing the quiltalong. The blocks are fairly simple and being 12″ it builds a quilt quickly.

    Your jelly roll blocks look lovely, and I agree with you about the Spotlight “jelly rolls”.

    Will be lovely to see your quilt top all together.

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