A Much Anticipated Collection from the Long Arm Quilter

While I was away on vacation the professional quilter in my neighbourhood was busy quilting the two quilts that I’ve been working on since Christmas. The square in a square lap quilt was a summer practice project and the star four patch kind of just happened a while after.

Two professionally quilted quilts before trimming and binding

Quilted and Ready for Binding

Now it’s time for binding, a task I plan to take on one day when there is some reasonable light to work by and when I’ve got a couple of more urgent sewing chores out of the way. I got the off-cuts from the backing fabric back, but not the left over batting. I’ll have to ask for the batting back next time as I can use it for pot holders.

There’s enough backing fabric left from the square in a square quilt to use for binding as the colours tone in really well, so that’s the latest version of the plan. At this stage I am not planning to mitre the corners but I am thinking about hand stitching the biding down on the reverse of the quilt. I’m not sure about that one because I don’t enjoy hemming by hand and because I suspect the seam will be stronger sewn on the machine. Maybe I’ll test it out on the smaller of the two quilts and make my decision about the larger quilt after that.


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