Jelly Roll Quilt Along Progress Report

Debbie Maddy’s In and Out block is one of my absolute favourites in the Moose Quilts Jelly Roll quilt along. It’s not fussy or fiddly and it’s symmetrical – all qualities I like.

I was happy with my block when I made it and Konda was even kind enough to comment on it when I posted it on Flickr.

There’s only one problem. It doesn’t sit right with me. It doesn’t sit right because it’s the only block that doesn’t use the pale green and white background fabric. It doesn’t sit right because it’s the only block that has pink tones in it. To me it sticks out like…and I won’t use the vulgar expression that we use in this part of the world for something that is obviously, visibly, wrong.

I’ve had a good 6 weeks away from my quilting projects now and today I came back to the jelly roll quilt along and laid my completed blocks out again. And I still have that same feeling.

It’s time to replace the block, even though I’m already way behind on the quilt along, due to my recent vacation. I’ve marked the offending block in the photo.

Completed Jelly Roll Quilt Along Blocks

Doesn\’t quite fit does it?

Just a note for any readers who look at these blocks and say, “But that’s not right, she hasn’t followed the quilt along block patterns religiously.” That observation is correct. There were a couple of block designs in the quilt along that were fussy or fiddly or asymmetrical or that I just plain didn’t feel inspired to make. When that happened I grabbed an alternative from the Block Tool iPhone app or the 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks book.

That’s the joy of cutting your own strips. You can cut some squares instead.


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