Trip Report: Australasian Quilt Convention

Side View of the Royal Exhibition Buildings

Quilt Convention at the Royal Exhibition Buildings

Folks, I’m disappointed. As I said to my beloved when I got home, this is the first time in my life I’ve had to pay an entry fee in order to have a retail experience. On the plus side, it’s always fun to get a ride on one of Melbourne’s wonderful trams. I went to the Australasian Quilt Convention held at the very grand Royal Exhibition Building.

Free City Circle Tram near the Quilt Expo Tram Stop

Free City Circle Tram at the Quilt Expo Tram Stop

The expo was full of stalls selling…stuff, to put it politely … and expensive stuff too. It was crowded and I had to line up to get a ticket and once inside we were all colliding with each other. I watched a young woman with a toddler just get completely stuck as she couldn’t find a gap to get out in the traffic with her pusher.

The men suffered most. When I say men I’m referring to men who weren’t retailers themselves. Some of the male retailers were having a gay ol’ time.

Quilts on Display

Quilts being Admired at the Expo

Ladies, when the quilt show comes to town, just leave your husbands and partners at home, unless they happen to also be quilters, or unless you need them along because you have mobility issues, as some did at the quilt expo. It’s just not worth their pain.

Now maybe I did myself a disservice by not doing a class, but the classes were expensive and the venue didn’t look well suited to that purpose in my eyes.

The exhibition of works was the hands-down highlight.

To those who attended and enjoyed it, I applaud you. For me, never again.


2 responses to “Trip Report: Australasian Quilt Convention

  1. I am so sad to hear that you had this disappointment but I totally agree with you – quilt shows are nothing but a chance for retailers to “snare” us with their wares.
    I will not be attending anymore of them and I don’t blame you for thinking likewise.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. You and I are not alone, it seems.

      I got a private message on the quilting board from another disappointed quilter who was not pleased at the way she was addressed by the instructor in a class at the quilt expo.

      It’s a good thing isn’t it, that we can share resources and learn from fellow quilters on the quilting board and via blogs and web sites.

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