Update on Tumbling Spools Scrap Quilt

Tumbling Spools Units

Tumbling Spools Units

I’m slowly making progress on the Tumbling Spools Scrap Quilt that I started a few weeks ago.

These are really easy blocks to make as there are no set-in seams. They won’t all be in green tones but that’s the way they started out. The only fabrics I’m ruling out are the ones that are are super bight or very pale. Otherwise everything in the stash is going into the quilt for a true scrappy look

For each pair of spools you cut:

2 @ 2 1/4 inch by 5 3/4 inch rectangles
4 @ 3 5/8 inch squares (for half square triangles)

And for the background:

4 @ 2 1/4inch squares
4 @ 2 5/8 inch squares (for half square triangles)

Each spool block is 5 1/2 inches unfinished and they go together as in the photo.

I have almost completed the first 4 tumbling block units and that means I’m almost 20% done, but with sashing and borders still to come.

I would very much like to make it so no pair of spools is made in colours pairs I’ve already used, but my stash isn’t that big, so I’m thinking to make no tumbling block units in an identical colour combination.


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