Bought my first Charm Pack – Now What?

I had an impulsive morning on the internet on Saturday. I decided to check out a new (or new to me) online fabric store in New Zealand called Thumpacat Fabrics. Strange name and their prices are quoted by the half yard, which is a bit of a trap for young players. It caught me by surprise, anyway.

From here in Australia, New Zealand is just ‘across the ditch’ and the exchange rate is favourable if you have Australian dollars to spend. I stumbled across something I liked on their sale page. I bought two packs of Moda Wildflowers Serenade on sale, on a complete whim. I liked the ‘grown-up’ autumnal tones and pre-cut squares are something new to me.

I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do when 80 squares of 5 inch (13cm) fabric turn up. I posted a query on Quilting Board but haven’t had many suggestions at this stage, other than to go to the Moda Bakeshop and look for something there.

At this stage I’m thinking hourglasses.


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