Batiks in the Stash

Two batik fabrics

The two batiks in my stash

I’ve been chatting with the owner of Kids, Caprines & Quilts who tells me she is on a fabric diet of batiks. So I thought I’d take a look at my stash and see what batik fabrics I have. I found these. I love bold colours and ethnic styles and find myself drawn to batik sarongs (you can never have too many, but cutting them up into patchwork seems WRONG.) I also love Indian woodblock prints.

When I was travelling last year I met a US expat who had moved from India to Cambodia with her husband’s work. She told me she had purchased a wooden printing block in India and that she was using it as a door handle. I would love to have one myself.

So here are all the batik fabrics I could find. The heart one I just don’t like any more but the bold one in the middle I just love. The latter is the offcuts from my friend Amelia who gave me her dressmaking stash a while back. Haven’t quite decided what to do with it yet though.


2 responses to “Batiks in the Stash

  1. licensed2tinker

    Your post brought back fond memories of Indonesia so I went looking and found this great batik info page. I used to have shirts just like these.

  2. Thank you so much for posting that link. It is fascinating. I’m sure we quilters are using prints that look like batiks, rather than genuine batiks.

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