Borders on the Floral Centre Square in a Square Scrap Quilt

The floral centre square in a square scrap quilt finally has borders, a few weeks after piecing and assembly. This one is my own design and on reflection I’m not sure how much I like it any more.

Square in a Square Quilt Top before Quilting or creating the Quilt sandwich

Square in a Square Quilt Top

It’s been hidden away while I’ve been working on my star four patches but this is a long holiday weekend in Melbourne and I’m feeling very motivated to see some projects near completion. Besides the professional long arm quilter should be back from vacation this month and my goal is to have something to give her when she says she’s ready.

I’m looking forward to seeing how much the quilting transforms the quilt. I’ve noticed that a bit of magic happens at each step along the way to completing the quilt top and I’m hoping the quilting and binding stages will take it to another level. If not, it’s been a good learning exercise and good preparation for the square in a square quilt I’m planning to make for my own use.


2 responses to “Borders on the Floral Centre Square in a Square Scrap Quilt

  1. I love your square in a square. :-)

    I did one last summer, thinking it would be a quick and easy and brainless way to use up scraps.


    It seems to take a lot of thought to get the placement and do all the itsy work, doesn’t it?

    • Thanks so much for visiting and for your comment. Glad to know you like the square in a square. Hearing that makes me think it might be a good gift for a lady who is kind of an extra mom to me and who likes pastel shades.

      The design and placement did take a bit of thought. I decided early on to go with a diagonal design to try and get some excitement into what might otherwise have been a fairly plain design. Then the challenge was to make sure I had enough colour and pattern contrast between each diagonal. I spent quite some time sweating over the schematic i had come up with and counting and recounting blocks.

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