Star Four Patch Progress Report

I started a star four patch quilt a little while ago and plan to make it a 4 x 5 block quilt. When possible I do a little work each day, sometimes cutting, sometimes piecing, sometime pinning, sometimes pressing and sometimes some of each of those activities.

My grand total is 7 completed blocks today.

And I’m happy with that.

Seven four star patch 12 inch blocks

Seven done - 13 to go


6 responses to “Star Four Patch Progress Report

  1. Wow! Looks great.

  2. Thanks a lot for the feedback. I had a minor panic attack last night when I thought I was going to run out of the background fabric but this morning I realised I had miscounted the number of squares I needed to cut.
    I have curtains to sew this weekend. If it weren’t for that I could possibly have all 20 blocks done by Monday morning.

  3. You’re blocks are quite lovely! I love the floral background fabric.

    • Thanks for the comment. The floral background fabric has been good to work with because it has so many rich colours in it but has also been a bit challenging for the same reason. It has been a challenge to get enough contrast into the star points.

      The other day at the fabric shop I saw a young woman carrying that same floral fabric to the cash register. I was so tempted to ask her what she was planning to do with it. I’m sure it was something completely different.

      • It’s fun to find out what others are making with their fabric…that’s one of my favorite parts of going to my local quilt shop! Everyone brings in quilt blocks or their tops to share.

      • Sadly, that doesn’t happen where I go for quilting fabrics, as Spotlight is one of those general shops that has dress fabrics, sheets, party supplies etc. I have to make do with the internet for pictures of other peoples’ creativity. Love the idea of show & tell at the quilt shop. I imagine there are times when you need to be very careful with your choice of words though. That’s the other fascinating thing – we don’t always share the same idea of what is beautiful :-)

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