Colour Value Decision – The Decision is Go

I’ve been working very hard at my four patch stars and I’m still very happy with the look, though I can’t quite get over that sweatshop feeling when I’m doing intensive piecing.

I had a decision to make about a block with much paler colour value pink star points that looked a bit washed out and kind of blah compared to the others with darker value star points.

Those of you who also quilt will know there’s a pretty big investment in every block so I was reluctant to get rid of it, but at the same time it didn’t look quite right. So I brought my beloved into the decision and asked him what he thought of the blocks I’d finished so far. He immediately picked that something was wrong with the block with the pink star points, attributing the problem to the higher intensity of the centre squares compared to the points.

I’m not sure I agree with his analysis but the conclusion is clear. That block had to go. I think it will work quite nicely as a feature of the quilt back though.


4 responses to “Colour Value Decision – The Decision is Go

  1. The problem is with the tonal balance. The pink centred square has no contrast between the foreground (the star) and the background so the pattern is disrupted. By replacing the pink centred square with one which has a similar tonal contrast as the green star you can reinstate the pattern.

  2. Sew Katie Did

    A darker value for the points of the stars would help if you are using a pattern similar in scale of the background and the star.

    I Love star quilts and am working on a funky one right now myself! I like the four patch center, I’m thinking pinwheel centers.

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