Star Blocks and Not

There are some floral fabrics going cheap at Spotlight right now. There are some earthy tones that I really like. I guess they don’t appeal to every one as they’re on sale, but that’s all the better for me. I don’t want to spend too much on fabrics while I’m learning and a little wasteful in my cutting from time to time.

I love the star blocks and, as I mentioned in a previous post, have been busting to try an Ohio Star. But for no particular reason I made a Star Four Patch first and I really like that too. While I was playing around with new blocks I also tried a Fair & Square block. I’m now thinking about alternating Star Four Patch and non-star blocks of various types in a big quilt, most likely with sashing to make each block stand out. We’ll see – it’s organic, but that’s fun and this is all about fun.

Twelve inch Blocks

Twelve Inch Blocks

If I can manage a block a day it should be done in time to take to the professional quilter when she is ready to take in work again at the end of next month.


2 responses to “Star Blocks and Not

  1. How much is too much to spend on fabric?

    • Interesting question and thanks for asking. I have been spending is $4 per metre (minimum) to $8 per metre (maximum.) There are a lot of lovely quilting fabrics at higher costs per metre than that, but I’m trying to limit my spend. I figure I can make many beautiful things while sticking to a $8/metre maximum spend and I quite enjoy the challenge of working to a budget, especially at this stage when a lot of my piecing is just to see what happens with this block and those fabrics.

      If you look back at the picture of the maple leaf quilt block, the leaf fabric there was only $4 per metre and the shop assistant and I agreed it was ugly. But matched with the green background I think it looks both ‘leafy’ and in a way autumnal which to me really works for a leaf pattern.

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