Using a Professional Quilting Service

I have now assembled all the blocks for the square in a square floral centre quilt and am about to add the borders. It was a big effort on Sunday getting all the blocks together. I pinned them carefully to get all the important seams lined up and it has paid off with a much better result than the nine patch cot quilt that was my first ‘big’ (in relative terms) project.

Yet again, assembling the blocks did feel a bit like sweat shop work – must be all that repetition. I don’t enjoy it, but I was highly motivated in order to win my living room floor back.

I’ve decided that this square in a square quilt will be a good test case for using a professional quilting service, another first. I’m curious about what look I can achieve using something different from a stitch in the ditch approach and to be honest I’d rather be piecing. I already have in mind that the carpenter’s star quilt will have to be professionally quilted and would like to form a relationship with a quilter I can trust before I take that one to her. Never mind that I haven’t even started cutting the carpenter’s star quilt yet.

I asked for instructions on how to prepare my quilt top, batting and backing. I have to make sure there is a 4 inch margin of batting and backing around my quilt top but I don’t need to square off the backing, unlike what I’ve read on some professsional quilters’ web sites. And I can bring everything to her in separate elements as she will take care of preparing the quilt sandwich.

The professional quilter is busy until the end of March. I’m looking forward to meeting her then. Oh in case you’re wondering, the cost will be somewhere in the range of AUD$3.50 to AUD$4.00 per square foot depending on the complexity of the quilting style.


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