She who Dies with the Most Fabric is Still Dead

My dear friend Amelia is moving house and had a stash problem. Did I want some boxes of fabric? Of course the answer was yes.

I went to visit Amelia today and was very glad to have a the kind of car where you can fold the back seat down to make more space. She gave me easily five large boxes of fabric and one of patterns. It was very generous of her and I am frankly overwhelmed, both by her kindness and the sheer amount of fabric.

I ran into one of my neighbours while dragging one of the massive boxes toward my front door. “Oh”, my neighbour said, “I love to sew.”

Working my way though Amelia’s stash I concluded that that this was a lifetime’s worth of fabric and that there was easily enough to share, so I took a pile of fabrics to my neighbour. She was delighted, as she is a very accomplished dressmaker.

Her husband, a charming gentleman, may have been slightly less delighted. He told me that he sometimes reminds his wife: She who dies with the most fabric is still dead.

I think he makes a valid point.

It’s all about finding a balance.


2 responses to “She who Dies with the Most Fabric is Still Dead

  1. :) Your neighbor’s husband is quite funny!

    I’ve willed my stash to a friend in Michigan and she’s willed her stash to me!

    • Oh my goodness, I’d never even thought about who I might will my stash too. Hopefully by the time I leave this earth I will have made up all my fabric and given away all my quilts.

      I’ve come to realise that all those lovely quilters out there who quilt for charity may be accomplishing two goals – giving back to their community and finding a home for their quilts. If you’re not blessed with a large circle of friends and family and every bed and sofa at home have a quilt on them, you need to find another outlet for all that creative output.

      Thanks so much for your comments. Once again, you’ve given me something to think about.

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