More Churn Dash Pot Holders

The churn dash pot holder I made a couple of weeks ago was a BIG hit when I gave it to my mother as a gift, such a big hit that she was reluctant to use it, thinking that it should really be hung somewhere in the kitchen as a decorative item. That’s nice, but they’re made to be used and my plan is that they should also wash well.

On the subject of washing, I always pre-wash and press my quilting fabrics before I start cutting. I don’t have the time or inclination to hand wash them so they go in the washing machine, sometimes in with a load of clothes on a delicate cycle and sometimes by themselves. In the latter case I usually pick a wool wash setting for less agitation and a gentle spin. If 100% cotton fabric can’t cope with machine washing that then that’s probably an excellent reason not to use it.

The list of potential recipients of pot holders grows each time I think about it and a small hand-made gift like this will be an excellent way to thank someone for past kindnesses or simply ‘just because.’

Churn Dash Pieces for Nine Inch Block Pot Holders

Churn Dash Pieces for Nine Inch Block Pot Holders

The picture shows that latest work in progress.The big 9 1/2 inch squares are the reverse side. I’ve chosen bold colours and prints because I like them and because pot holders get dipped in pizza sauce and all sorts of other delicious foods from time to time. I think it’s best to go with a relatively robust print that will withstand normal kitchen use.


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