Quilt Block Pot Holders and the Maple Leaf Design

I plan to keep experimenting with pot holders as a low risk way to try quilt block designs I haven’t made before. The maple leaf seems to be another quilt block classic and 9 inches works brilliantly for a pot holder. About.com is a site I keep coming back to for quilting ideas and instructions. Here are their instructions for a 9 inch maple leaf quilt block. The Block Tool iPhone app also has cutting and assembly instructions for a maple leaf quilt block, but those instructions don’t include the stalk so to me it just doesn’t look quite right.

Another experiment coming up soon is woollen batting for potholders, which I plan to try as soon as I can.

From time to time I drive past the Creswick Woollen Mills factory shop. They make wonderful cosy blankets out of wool and alpaca which I have bought for myself and as gifts for overseas friends.

The factory shop often has a box somewhere of blankets with holes, assorted offcuts of blanket fabric and suchlike at very reasonable prices. As wool has excellent insulation properties I think it would make an excellent batting material for potholders. At the next opportunity I’m going to buy one of those offcuts and give it a try. Stay turned for a report on how that goes.


2 responses to “Quilt Block Pot Holders and the Maple Leaf Design

  1. You mentioned in another post you paid about $25 for the piece of wool. When you get one of the off-cuts, how many pot holders can you get from them?

    • Gosh, that’s taking me back. The pot holders were nine by nine inches and I’d say I got at least a dozen potholders out of my piece of woolen blanket. After that project I got my hands on some Insulbrite batting, so I moved on from blanket off-cuts to using Insulbrite, which gave a smoother finish.

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