Churn Dash Pot Holder

Churn dash pot holder in tones of green and violet

Churn Dash Pot Holder

After saying I wasn’t interested in making pot holders, I wanted to have a go at a half square triangle on a practice piece before I start my star cot quilt or my carpenter’s wheel.

I don’t have much left over fabric from the cutting I have done so far for the star cot quilt so if I get something wrong starting afresh might not be an option.

There’s something about the churn dash that appeals to me – probably its boldness, combined with being a traditional block design.

I had a rummage in my shoe box of scraps and grabbed a couple of fabrics from the stash and made a 9 inch block using the measurements in the Block Tool iPhone app that I reviewed a few days ago. It worked perfectly and I am now convinced that the Block Tool app was a real good buy, and a bargain, too.

The pot holder is filled with a double layer of cotton batting, made from scraps that I zig-zagged together, making sure that the join was vertical on one layer and horizontal on the next. I stitched the quilt block to the backing along three edges, like a pillowcase and then inserted the batting, which I’d cut exactly to size. Then I slip stitched the opening by hand (hate that part). To finish I ran a quarter inch seam around the perimeter and stitched in the ditch around the central square. I wasn’t keeping an eye on the time but it probably took me an hour to do.

This pot holder will be a gift and I can think of easily half a dozen people who would also like to have one.


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