New Book: Complete Guide to Quilting

Cover shot of the Complete Guide to Quilting

Complete Guide to Quilting

My dear parents-in-law were very generous at Christmas with a gift of glass mosaic tiles in bold orange and red. They would have been quite enough by themselves but in addition they gave me a Borders gift voucher.

I went to redeem the voucher today and there were several disappointments: The shop was crowded with browsers who blocked your path, the quilt section was severely underpopulated (even the guy who worked there freely admitted it was lousy), all the expensive hard cover quilting books bar one had torn dust jackets and the craft section is right by the kid’s section and the sounds of crying little-ies does nothing for my concentration.

Having said all of that, I always love the seemingly endless possibilities of a gift voucher and I did get a polished gem from amongst the rough diamonds. I got the Complete Guide to Quilting published by Better Homes and Gardens and so far it’s looking good.

There are lots of photos and the book is very specific about techniques. It contains a number of measurement guides in table form which I imagine will be quite handy and they talk about design in a very helpful way.

The book doesn’t have projects as such but seems to be intended to set you down the path on your own projects to your own design. I kind of like that, as I’ve already started on a quilt of my own design, after getting the cot quilt done following someone else’s. There will be more on that another day.

There are a couple of things I don’t care for so much like the gridded or lined pages for you to make your own designs and notes. I was brought up to believe that writing in books is a sin and I still just can’t do it, even when I own the book and it’s not a library loan. Some things just can’t be unlearned, it seems.

In summary, the book is looking promising and I’m glad to have it.


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