Good news. The Christmas festivities are over for another year and it’s time to kick back and relax.

After Christmas lunch yesterday we got home early enough for me to unpick about half the length of one of the short end binding strips. Yes, the last one, because it’s a rule of nature that if the job’s going to go awry, it’s going to be when you’re almost there. Maybe it’s because I get impatient to get to the end and don’t take enough care.

In this case the root of the problem was that I hadn’t trimmed away quite enough of the quilt before I stitched the binding in the ditch. The binding didn’t fully reach over and therefore didn’t catch on the reverse. Yes, I sewed it down by machine. Again, it’s probably not state fair compliant but it’s quick and it’s permanent. And while I don’t mind hand sewing, frankly I’ve got better things to do … like cutting my next quilt.

Nine Patch Cot Quilt

Nine Patch Cot Quilt - Finished!

So here it is, imperfect but finished. The little guy who’s going to receive it isn’t even three months old yet and, as I may have said before, he’s not going to care a whole lot about whether there are some crooked stitching lines here or there. And I’m confident his parents will appreciate a hand-made gift.

I’ve learned a lot and had fun. The next one will be better.


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