The Walking Foot Experiment

Walking Foot Attached to Machine

Stellar Walking Foot Part 10449 (5mm)

I’m trying not to spend a whole lot of money on this quilting fascination, trying to buy fabrics on the cheap and only get the most essential tools and accessories. Other than a rotary cutter and a ruler (more on those in another post) the thing I absolutely needed and didn’t know how to source was a walking foot presser foot.

I have an excellent, though old Husqvarna Viking, in a delightful shade of chocolate brown, that was a gift from my parents many years ago. The model number is 6440 and a walking foot didn’t even feature in the accessories guide that came with the machine. The Camberwell Sewing Centre were unable to help so I turned to the internet. had a list that included my machine but they don’t ship internationally. SoI took the chance and bought a walking foot that looked the same from an Australian eBay vendor. It arrived quickly and has been sitting there ever since while I’ve been piecing and buying more and more fabric, assuming and hoping that the presser foot experiment would work.

I looked up the prices of professional quilting services and after seeing their price lists decided I really needed the presser foot experiment to work. One day I’m sure I’ll try a professional quilting service and I’m sure I’ll be happy with the result but for now I need to do all the work myself.

Tonight I bit the bullet and unscrewed the existing presser foot and mounted the new one. It was a little fiddly for a couple of moments but then it was on and I gave it a try though several layers of cotton fabric. Success! And I can see it will be very handy for canvas work and sail making too.

That’s a relief.

Update: July 2013 have been in touch and want us all to know that they now ship internationally and accept PayPal. Sounds good to me.


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