Quilting – A Whole New Journey

I have been fascinated by quilts for a long time. What intrigues me is the graduation in colours, and the possibility for artistry. I’ve borrowed library books from time to time on the subject of quilting, not how to books, but books of photos of quilts made by people who use colour and textile as a form of expression. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen a real handmade quilt ‘in the flesh’ as it were but that will happen.

Now it’s time to start my own quilting journey. For me it’s not about artistic expression, well not yet anyway, but more about learning the techniques and getting my head around the construction methods.

My first project is a cot quilt. I couldn’t stand the idea of doing a pot holder or some other small thing that could easily be put aside. Rather I wanted it to be real, memorable and maybe even an heirloom. Guess we’ll see about that.


2 responses to “Quilting – A Whole New Journey

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the world of quilting. You are correct to learn the basics first and like you I would rather have a finished quilt than a potholder or placemat. Hope you remember to have fun and just enjoy the process.

    • Thanks a lot for the support and encouragement. If you have any tips about how to mitre corners I’d be glad to receive them. From the ‘how to’ videos I’ve watched so far it looks tricky and I won’t be trying it on my first project. Mitred corners is something I probably will have to try out on a potholder.

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