Books, Magazines I’m Reading this Week

Right now my bedside reading is Australian Patchwork & Quilting vol 18 no 2 Annual 2009. It seems to have some excellent ideas, in particular a Jewel Box Quilt project which is based on a simple block, but uses repetition and colour to make the design absolutely leap out of the page at you. I need to make a note of that one and maybe make a sample block, but it’s too soon to make it into an actual project. There are a couple of other projects to finish, and indeed start, before I can even think about another.

My main reference is Quilting 101- a Beginner’s Guide to Quilting. I bought it from and it arrived from the UK in something like 10 days, which you can’t complain about. And they don’t charge for shipping!!

It’s good, but it does assume you are new to quilting AND new to sewing on a machine. I’ve been sewing for a long time, so I don’t need to be told about the importance of thread tension. Having said that, it never hurts to get a reminder. The book is spiral bound, which some reviewers seem to think is good. Personally I don’t care a whole lot as I’m not planning to have it open by the sewing machine anyway. What I do care about is that the projects, which, while beautiful, are small and not bed-type quilts. That’s great if you want to make table toppers or Christmas stockings, but I don’t. I want to quilt real quilts, which to me means making actual items that you can sleep under or drape over a couch or give to new parents for their baby.

From the library I have Quilt – Handmade Style published by Murdoch Books in 2006. I love it. It’s a paperback that’s a good size and I really love the look of the quilts the ladies have made. My baby cot quilt, a simple nine patch design, is from that book.

I’ll be making their square in a square quilt soon, but using a completely different colour scheme. The hand of the maker has to be visible.

Quiltmaking for Beginners by Lynne Kough was another library loan. I’m not sure about this one. It seems complicated and not a beginners book at all. But the quilts are lovely and the more I read and learn the more the book starts to make sense. It’s probably one to come back to when I know a little more.


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